The English Department is well aware of its crucial role in underpinning the curriculum; developing and challenging students’ ability to express themselves and have a high standard of literacy.

Why study this subject?

English is, of course, a core subject in the National Curriculum.  Emphasis in this department is given to allow the pupils to express themselves with confidence, speak articulately and write and interpret written texts with confidence. The department aims to work with Art, Science and PSHCE (Religious Studies) particularly, in order to produce dynamic cross-curricular projects that inspire students to expand their general knowledge and produce up to date written articles, power points and displays.

A keen focus is put on expression and creativity with a sharp implementation on speaking and listening skills; debate forums, speeches, khutbahs and leadership programmes.

What we do in years 7 and 8:

  • History of English and Etymology.
  • Imaginative and descriptive writing from picture stimuli.
  • Spelling strategies and adjectival flair (colour synonyms).
  • Writing skills to inform, persuade, explain and argue.
  • Research projects on diverse topics (digital).
  • Introduction to and familiarity with Shakespeare.
  • A particular emphasis is placed on English Literary Heritage and English Cultural Capital; Victorian era literature is an intensive focal point.

What we do in years 9, 10, 11

  • Preparation for the GCSE begins in term 2 of year 9 at the latest.
  • Pupils will be entered for the dual certification Edexcel GCSE for English Language and English Literature. These four, linear exams contain no coursework content although a recorded oral exam is submitted.
  • The English Department nourishes the weekly assemblies, often involving student led performances. Furthermore, the department lends an emphasis to producing functional English evidence (everyday literacy requirements such as form-filling, skimming, letter writing) in addition to academic needs; essay writing, persuasive tasks and summative skills. These transactional tasks have an increased focus in the new (9-1) English specification.

How will this help our pupils?

The department has a strict, twice- weekly spelling programme; an expansive reading programme and an inspirationally creative vocabulary policy. The department aims to inculcate a depth of knowledge around seminal literature.

The English Department maintains “words are thoughts” and endeavours to equip every pupil with a passion for language, a love of literature and an ability to speak out assertively.


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