Faith in Action

Quran lessons are an important part of the school timetable for Nursery through to Year 6. Pupils are taught to use the rules of tajweed in their reading, recitation and memorisation. An annual Quran competition also takes place in school encouraging pupils to excel in their recitation.

At MMPS we aim to deliver our comprehensive Islamic Studies curriculum in an informative yet fun and interactive way. Engaging the pupils and developing a love of Islam, as well as a thorough understanding of its concepts.

Congregational prayer takes place daily at Dhuhr time (and Asr during the winter months). All Key Stage 2 attend the prayer. Year 5 and 6 boys are encouraged to take turns making the call to prayer and at times leading the prayer also. Afternoon lessons are timetabled in order to accommodate for prayer times.

Every Friday afternoon Years 3 to 6 attend the school Jummah prayer in the hall with their teachers. The Khutbah is delivered in a child friendly manner by either one of our teachers or an invited speaker. Year 6 pupils are also encouraged to take turns in preparing the Khutbah.

Ramadan is always a special time at MMPS. Classrooms are decorated, there are spiritual reminders each day and daily Ramadan themed activities. Pupils may fast if they wish to. School timings are altered in order to accommodate those from staff, pupils and parents who are fasting.


School assembly takes place on a weekly basis, sometimes as a whole school and other times Key Stage 1 and 2 have their own assembly times. Speakers are often invited to deliver assemblies. In the past we have had guests from organisations such as the Woodland Trust, PDSA, Islamic Relief, as well as a North Pole explorer.

Each class will also present an assembly over the course of the year to their peers and parents, themed around what they have been learning in class.

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