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Welcome from the Executive Headteacher

In my position as Executive Headteacher with overall responsibility for all three schools within the Manchester Islamic Educational Trust (MIET), I would like to welcome you to Manchester Muslim Preparatory School.

Since the founding of MIET over 25 years ago, and the subsequent establishment of our schools, we have strived to provide a modern, FAITH based education, full of high-quality LEARNING, leading to a fulfilling LIFE for all our students.

As we look to the future we can see that whatever the age or gender of your child, the MIET family of schools will provide them with a rich and empowering education, enhanced by excellent experiences and opportunities outside the classroom. All this is developed and delivered within a highly committed and appropriate Islamic context.

Our values of Faith, Learning and Life encapsulate this philosophy and I hope you will choose us to guide your child through their formative years.

Mrs M Mohammed
Executive Headteacher

The Prophet SAW said:

“One who treads a path in search of knowledge has his path to Paradise made easy by Allah…”

Welcome to Manchester Muslim Preparatory School

For more than 25 years, Manchester Muslim Preparatory School (MMPS) has been serving the community with our mission to deliver a holistic approach to education. In a continually changing world, our fundamental aim remains the same: to ‘create a caring and warm atmosphere in which pupils can develop their full potential’ through our Trust-wide shared values of FAITH, LEARNING and LIFE.

Children learn best in an environment where they feel happy and secure and our ‘pupils thrive because they feel safe, valued and supported’ (Ofsted, 2018).

It is our unwavering belief that during their early years our children benefit from a solid foundation. At MMPS, we strive to instil confidence in themselves and their faith as British Muslims to serve them well throughout the rest of their education; and ultimately become people with purpose, who are proud of their identity and able to impact positively on the world around them.

School goes beyond learning and being book smart – we want to nourish our children’s souls too and think big! We want to truly foster a strong connection and understanding of Allah, a love of the Quran and an aspiration to follow in the footsteps of the best of humankind, our Prophet Muhammed (peace and blessings be upon him). A faith fuelled by love and free from confusion and distortion.

We welcome you to our MMPS community and endeavour to work alongside you in establishing a legacy in our next generation who can exceed all our expectations and with Allah’s Will, surpass us.

D. Ghafori-Kanno
Head Teacher

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