Al hamdu’ lillah by the Grace of Allah (SWT), in September 2022 we acquired a new site (Fielden Park), previously the home of Manchester City College in Didsbury.

This will bring two of our schools, MIGSG and MMPS, together on a magnificent 6.5 acre site.

We will relocate Manchester Islamic Grammar School for Girls in Septembers 2023 and Manchester Muslim Preparatory School in January 2024, Insha’Allah.

The move is in response to the increasing demand for places at our schools and the building will allow us to gradually increase the number of classes across all year groups.

Our schools will continue to provide modern, high quality teaching with a strong Islamic ethos that permeates all areas of the curriculum:

“To empower the young generation of British Muslims”.

If you want to join us in our new journey or want to find out more, contact the Admissions office at MMPS

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