Below are some comments from parents about their home learning experience. We are thrilled to have such positive feedback. 

Dear Head Teacher

No words can thank you enough for what you and the staff have done to support and nurture our kids. We are eternally grateful for the amazing time our kids had a MMPS last year. We are devastated to be leaving such an amazing school. 

Parent of Year 5-, Year 3- and Reception child, January 2023

“I just want to thank you and all the staff for your outstanding online work during lockdown.

The work set has been spot on, zoom sessions are all excellent and teacher feedback has been outstanding. I’m sure all parents struggled like me, with children who weren’t paying attention to studies due to distractions but the teachers were all understanding and supportive.

I would also like to thank all the senior staff and everyone else who work tirelessly to make the school run during this difficult time. I feel honoured that my boys go to the school Alhamdulila.

I pray that Allah swt protects you all and rewards you all for all your hard work and dedication.”

Parent of 2 MMPS pupils

“I wish I could take MMPS with me! I don’t know if I would be able to find a school again that is such a good mixture of our religion and this world.”

Parent of previous Year 1 pupil who has relocated

“Just wanted to say a very well done and thank you to all staff that worked so hard making videos sending packs home with the children and giving feed back to the children for their work.
Spending the day with the kids trying to do their work with them…. I want to say ‘hats off’ to the teachers (I know why I am not a teacher now 😂) May Allah bless you all with good health. Ameen.”
Parent of 3 MMPS Pupils

“Salam, first day has been really productive. I’m super impressed and wholly appreciative of the immense efforts and organisation behind  facilitating homeschooling for us all. I know of many other schools who have not been able to organise themselves and facilitate a fully interactive homeschooling process in such a short span of time, so this is well and truly a credit to the teamwork of all MMPS staff -JazakAllah khairan.May Allah swt reward everyone abundantly and protect us all, ameen.”
Year 4 Parent

“Jazak Allah kher to all dear teachers and staff, for making things easier for us, and thus making this  time beneficial for children, really appreciated. May Allah swt reward everyone with his best, ameen”

Year 1 Parent

“Salaam JazakAllah to all the teachers and the staff,may Allah swt make this time easy for all and protect the health and safety of the children and all the families Ameen 🙏”

Year 1 Parent

“Thank you MMPS.

I was actually amazed with the level of the service that the school provided to our children! Well, actually I know that we have a high level of commitment from the school in all endeavours (ethics, manners, education, Islamic conduct, activities, and much more), but within this critical times, and everyone in the world is struggling on how to cope, we found an outstanding level from MMPS school.

I found all the materials (including full detailed videos in class dojo, with all needed homework and exercises), not only this, I found my daughter is fully equipped with class dojo, and the teacher already was ahead and set up portfolios for every student and trained them well on how to use it!

I honestly wanted to write this letter to thank all MMPS staff who are working hard from their heart to support us as parents and students to make it easy and smooth during hard times.”

Year 5 Parent

“Mrs Ghafori can you please convey my gratitude to all the staff. Jazakum Allah Khair to all. I think what they’re doing during this time is amazing.”

Year 3 & 4 Parent

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